We Need Child Care That Works for Working Families

Jamaica Plain families are breathing a collective sigh of relief that public schools reopened last week, after spending the summer scrambling to piece together childcare options that don’t break the bank. For many, this yearly upheaval entails a costly two-month reliance on paid vacation time, camps, babysitters, and if you’re really lucky, the goodwill of grandma or grandpa. But for low-income families, the challenge of securing childcare that's safe and affordable doesn't go away on September 6th. Because of unpredictable and nontraditional work hours, the steep cost of care, and the state’s woefully underfunded subsidy program, it’s a year-round hardship that Governor Charlie Baker needs to address. The cost of child care in Massachusetts is jaw-dropping.


Letter: Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Jeffrey Sanchez

Here are my Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Jeffrey Sanchez. 1. As the newly appointed chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Jeffrey Sanchez is the highest ranking Latino politician in the history of Massachusetts. A recent report on Latinos from USA Today states: “By a number of socioeconomic measures – poverty, income, educational attainment, unemployment, and incarceration – Massachusetts has the worst inequality between its white and Hispanic residents of any state in the U.S.” We need Jeffrey in a leadership position to address this gross inequity. 2.


Murphy: Why JP Residents Should Vote for Me as Register of Deeds

As the elected Register of Deeds for Suffolk County, I serve the residents of the cities of Boston, Chelsea and Revere, as well as the Town of Winthrop. I live in the Boston neighborhood of Hyde Park with my wife Bridget Simmons Murphy. I am a lifelong resident of Suffolk County, a graduate of Boston Latin School, and a former Boston City Councilor and Council President. In 2017, in my first year as register, the Registry of Deeds recorded over 132,000 documents. The value of the consideration stated on the deeds recorded totaled over $13 billion dollars.


Forde: Why JP Residents Should Vote for Me as Register of Deeds

My name is Katie Forde, I’m running to be the next Register of Deeds for Suffolk County, and I’m writing to ask that you consider supporting me in the Democratic Primary on September 4th. I am running for this office because I believe in the power of good government at every level. In Boston today, we’re facing a housing crisis that requires all of us to step up. Too many families can’t afford to have kids and stay in our neighborhoods. Statewide, almost 70 percent of white families own their own homes, while less than a third of black, Latino and Asian families do.


Letter: Jeffrey Sánchez is My Friend

Jeffrey Sánchez is my friend. And like most of my friends, we share a vision that government be a force for good and progress; moving forward laws and policies that make equity, equality, and simple human justice possible. Jeffrey Sánchez was raised in the Washington Heights section of New York City and his developmental years in public housing in Mission Hill. Jeff has spent his entire life working to make opportunity and a decent chance at life a reality for all. Jeffrey Sánchez has never forgotten his roots.