Substation Issue Caused Wide-Ranging Jamaica Plain Power Outage

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On one of the coldest nights yet this winter, around 4,200 Eversource customers lost power on Thursday night in a widespread outage that ranged from the Forest Hills area stretching to towards Jamaica Pond.

An Eversource spokesperson said the outage was due to an issue at the substation in Jamaica Plain, and that as of Friday the company was continuing to look into the exact cause by troubleshooting so it wouldn't re-occur.

"The substation serves eight different circuits and while doing some planned work the circuit tripped, stopping the flow of electricity to all of them, which is the way it is designed, so we could safely evaluate the problem and make repairs," said Eversource Spokesperson Priscilla Ress.

The outage happened around 9 pm, and power was restored to half of the affected customers in about an hour, and it took another 15 minutes for power to be restored to all customers, said the spokesperson.

Affected areas seemed rather random and vast, which included Sumner Hill, Tower Street across from the Forest Hills MBTA station, the West Roxbury Courthouse/Morton Street area, Green Street, Louders Lane near Faulkner Hospital, Burroughs Street, and down Centre Street to The Joint.