Bread & Puppet’s Play ‘The Basic Bye-Bye Show’ Opens in JP on April 19th

Bread & Puppet Theater returns for four shows starting April 19th at Spontaneous Celebrations with its new play, "The Basic Bye-Bye Show." The play is a manifesto inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s apocalyptic woodcuts and the daily news. "The Basic Bye-Bye Show originally set out to define and illuminate the need for basic bye-byes in our culture, but has progressed to respond to the event of regular mass shootings, in particular the recent massacre in the Florida high school," said director Peter Schumann. “The theme is the birth of the gun by the 2nd Amendment Holy Cow, presided over by James Madison, which leads to the routine occurrence of horror and ends with the funeralization of that ill-conceived symbol of a free people.”

The play expands on the traditional bye-byes of funerals and train stations by turning the saying of bye-bye into a political act. It helps us say bye-bye to the gun -- as a practical tool for massacre-making, as a symbol of "freedom," as an instrument of political influence, and as an economic dependency.