Dog Playing in Water Enrages Branch-Wielding Man

A woman walking her dog at Willow Pond Meadow told police a man threatened to beat her pooch with a tree branch.

The incident took place about 3:31 p.m. on Wednesday.

The woman told police she was walking her dog on the path by the Muddy River. She let the dog get a drink and splash in the water.

That’s when she was approached by a bearded white man with partially braided hair, who was wearing a gray shirt, blue pants and gray shoes. The man told her it was against National Park rules to have the dog in the water — and that if she didn’t get that dog out of the water, he’d hit the dog. (And yes, Olmsted Park is not a National Park.)

The woman reports the man got up, tree branch in hand, and started to come at her and her dog. She screamed for help, which prompted people nearby to call 911.

Police met the victim by the Brookline side of the Muddy River, then canvassed the area and found a man matching the description she gave. The woman identified him as the man she said threatened her and her dog.

Police arrested Panos Bazos, 39 Boylston St., Boston and charged him with assault by means of a dangerous weapon (tree branch.)

  • x

    Wow. What a biased story. The dog owner was also wrong. The dog “playing in the water” was an off leash dog. Dogs are not allowed to be off leash.
    And then the snarky bit about Olmstead Park not being a National Park, as if that is the point. The point is that dogs are not allowed to be off leash.
    I wonder what else in this article is biased. Makes me really question the way the man was presented. Did the dog owner leash her dog? Did the dog start coming towards the man and she continued to not leash her dog? I don’t know, but my guess is that is what happened.
    I am not posting my name because I am afraid of dog owners.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      Hi X, the story is directly from the police report from Boston Police, though the snark about National Parks was totally from me.

      You make a good point about the dog not being leashed. I’m pretty sure dogs are supposed to be leashed in that area.

    • DamiansUniverse

      No…no where in the article does it say the dog was offleash. THe man is a wacko and if it were my dog he was coming after I would’ve punched him right in the face.