New Local Monthly Meal Kit – Good Food That Gives Back

August Curated Chef's Box

Being a JP resident, I know that people in our neighborhood love to eat good food that is locally sourced.

Glenwood Garden, an e-market for sustainable food and shopping for a cause has a new project – a monthly chef’s box – dinner for 2 meal kit that is delivered free, curated by a local chef, uses locally sourced ingredients, and shares profits with charity.

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How the Chicken Crossed the Street

Hi, has anyone found a good way to get around the Forest Hills T station, specifically how to get from the Hyde Park entrance to South St towards Centre St, when the crosswalks are all blocked off (such as when they do night work)? I cross at Hyde Park/New Washington/Washington and then have to walk along side new washington (parallel to the southwest corridor). This area is isolated because of the tall grass which blocks visibility from the street, and especially in the evenings feels a bit unsafe. Any good alternatives?

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Skippy White: 54 Years of Hipping You to the Crossroads of American Music


In August of 1964 my entourage and I (OK, there were just two with me), all newly minted  graduates of Framingham High School, went to the EM Lowes Centre Theater at 690 Washington St. downtown to see Bikini Beach with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello (ahhhsigh…Annette!!).

(Reader advisory: Unless you’re over 50, most of the names in this story will seem like a foreign country…so just Google it…)

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