Online Local Journalism Success Story — The Batavian

People often ask how things are going for Jamaica Plain News. The short answer is we’re growing and enjoying strong support from the neighborhood. I wanted to share this update about another local, independent online news site that’s seen documented success. My friend and former colleague Howard Owens (and his wife, Billie) are celebrating the sixth year of their project in Western New York, The Batavian.

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Reputedly Wide-Ranging JP Wolfhound Found in Dot

Detail from poster for missing JP dog Taupaw

There’s a happy ending to a Jamaica Plain man’s search for his missing dog-wolf hybrid. Taupaw, a Dutch Wolfhound, went missing Thursday night and, according to owner Alexander Humphreys, had been making tracks all over Boston and Brookline. Humphreys and the U.S. Coast Guard disagreed on whether or not it was Taupaw photographed on the ice of Quincy Bay.

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