‘No Boston Olympics’ Group Meets in JP Monday Night

People opposed to bringing the summer Olympics to Boston will meet Monday night at First Baptist Church.

Here’s the Facebook event page. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at 633 Centre St.

Boston is one of four U.S. cities (along with L.A., San Francisco and Washington, D.C.) in the running to be picked by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the country’s bid.

The Gazette has been out front in covering the potential effects on JP, including conversion of Franklin Park into an equestrian facility and rebuilding White Stadium as a pentathlon venue.

Boosters, headed by the private group Boston 2024 say a Boston Olympics could improve the city and region’s infrastructure and bring temporary and permanent jobs. Some opponents say such promises haven’t materialized in summer Olympic cities such as Atlanta.

  • Hugo_JP

    What the city and Boston 2024 seem to be telling us is that we the citizens are not worthy of infrastructure improvement – but if a horde of tourists come to town for a couple of weeks, then the city needs to make improvements.

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