ZBA Approves Stonley Road 4-Story Apartment Building

The Zoning Board of Appeals has approved a proposed 4-story Stonley Road apartment building that would include 28 rental units, according to UniversalHub.com.

The building sits on 30,720 square feet and will have 23 below-grade parking spaces. The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) approved a zoning variance so the property could only have the 23 parking spaces. Ordinarily a building of that size and in that foot print would require more parking spaces. But because it is near the Forest Hills MBTA stop the developer said fewer parking spaces could work because residents would be using public transportation, reported UniversalHub.com.

Among other zoning variances, the ZBA approved a variance for multi-family use because the location is not zoned for multi-family use.

The project had originally been pitched as a 5.5-story, 32-unit building, but neighbors and the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association requested a redesign of the proposal to make it shorter and less dense. And the developer did decrease the height and density.

Five of the units will be marketed as affordable. Mayor Martin Walsh and City Councilors Matt O’Malley, Annissa Essaibi-George and Michael Flaherty supported the proposal, according to UniversalHub.com.

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    Its interesting how civilised the comments are on UNiversal Hub. Not to mention very interesting how they are detached from this ongoing conversation in which its basically a development boom over here and new low-income residents are being displaced or recieving eviction notices every week.

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