Jamaica Pond: Meeting on Improving Bike Access, Pedestrian Safety Tuesday

A public meeting to discuss access and safety enhancements to Jamaica Pond will be led by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department Tuesday, April 11.

The meeting will specifically discuss how to enhance Perkins Street and Parkman Drive, which are both access points to Jamaica Pond. The DCR presentation will reveal designs for enhancing and improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety. The plan will also include measures for calming traffic, according to a DCR press release.

The meeting is open to the public and will be held at the Hunnewell Building in the Arnold Arboretum Tuesday, April 11, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Project designs will be made available on the DCR’s website following the meeting.


  • patbilly

    SAFE Access Handicap parking is necessary.

  • Why wouldn’t project designs be made available on the DCR’s website PRIOR TO the meeting

  • Marty

    New Signs so that drivers are not confused when they’re coming down Perkins towards the pond and they take a left on the Jway. It’s illegal but people still do it because the one sign is on the right hand side.

  • kinopio

    Make streets by the pond pedestrian only during the day on weekends. People should be able to enjoy the park and the pond without noise and air pollution or worrying about getting hit by speeding drivers.

    • Monster

      So…close the JWay every weekend. What a great way to make life more unpleasant for practically everyone.

  • Monster

    I, for one, would like to see the lights extended around the full circumference of the pond. It would make the pond more useful for more people for a greater proportion of the year.

    Also, the intersection of Willow Pond Road/JWay/Bynner St. is pretty dangerous, partly because cyclists come flying down the JWay hill and through the intersection without stopping.

  • paul

    maybe get the effing bikers off the pedestrian path, have pedestrians keep their dogs on their leash, and dont let your leashed dog walk from across the path and make your leash into tripwire!

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