Cloud-9 Brings Floating Tank Therapy to South Street

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Courtesy Cloud-9

Basketball star Stephen Curry, celebrity Joe Rogan and a host of many other people say that flotation tank therapy helps them recover faster, improve mental and physical performance and guide self-improvement. Now you can experience the benefits of this uncommon therapy at Cloud-9, which recently opened on South Street.

Float therapy is available at Cloud-9 in Jamaica Plain.

"Unlike modern medicine, rather than rely on dangerous surgery or an assortment of drugs, we use our non-invasive and harmless therapies," says Cloud-9's website.

Cloud-9 provides float, PEMF (Pulse Electric Magnetic Field) and infrared sauna therapy.

Float therapy is essentially lying in darkness while being suspended in a warm solution of Epsom salt. Float tanks can also be referred to as isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks.

PEMF uses electromagnetic fields to help fractures heal, combat depression, disease and more issues.

Infrared sauna therapy provides the same benefits as a regular sauna such as detoxification, circulation and relaxation.

"So not only do we alleviate symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and depression -- but we target the source by removing stress and toxins from the body. Think of a visit to Cloud-9 as a tune up for your body and mind. These therapies simply ensure that your cells are working at optimal levels so that the body can heal on it's own naturally," says Cloud-9's website.

Watch NBA ballplayers Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes use float therapy.