City Feed Employees Vote in Support of Union

The employees of City Feed and Supply have voted in support of forming a union. Employees voted 20-10 in a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election on June 14 to be an affiliate of Boston Industrial Workers of the World (Boston IWW). "We'd like to thank every one of our coworkers, our community for showing up for us, and our worker-organizers and external organizers from the IWW," said a City Feed statement. "We're looking forward to beginning a collective bargaining process with City Feed management and continuing to build a democratic worker-led union, to better our conditions and reach a contract agreement that works for all of us. This is a clear path for better working conditions, a true voice at work, and dignity for all.


Flavor Boom, a Gourmet Fast-food Restaurant Opening on Centre Street in June

A soon to be vacant spot on Centre Street will quickly have a new restaurant in its location that specialize in slow-cooked Asian and Mediterranean food. Signs in the window at 703 Centre St., indicate that Flavor Boom! will be opening in June. This is the second location for the restaurant, with its first in Watertown. Carrot Flower had operated from the commercial spot, but closed in May.


20 Vendors Each Week! Sustainability-Focused Egleston Farmers Market Every Saturday

The Egleston Farmers Market is back at a new location, and with a focus on sustainability. The market is taking place in the Community Servings parking lot (179 Amory St.), just around the corner from the Stony Brook T station. The market is being organized by local sustainability organization Mendi, which was started in 2018 by designer/researcher Will DeConto and event organizer Caitlin Kenney. "Mendi’s Boston fights 'throw-away' consumerism and fast fashion by helping people invest in what they have and redistributing our community’s excess through our events, workshops, and publications," said a press release. "Our Style Revival events have repaired, upcycled or redistributed over 5,000 units of unused clothing within our community so far - over 1,500 of those went to non-profits helping Boston’s homeless or people in need."


J.P. Licks Announces New Artists-in-Residence; Local Artists Encouraged to Apply

Are you an artist and looking for a place to showcase your work locally? How about J.P. Licks? The beloved ice cream business has had a visiting artists program in its locations for nearly 20 years. Artists display their work at J.P. Licks for a minimum of four months and their artwork is often available for purchase. Also, J.P. Licks does not take any commissions on any artwork sales.


Shaken, But Safe After Crash: Papercuts Celebrating Independent Bookstore Day On Saturday

Two cars came crashing through Papercuts' storefront on Wednesday, but that's not stopping our local and beloved bookstore from celebrating Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday. "Miraculously no one was in the store at the time. We're safe, but shaken. If you'd like to help out, there are links to donate on our website," wrote Papercuts' owner Kate Layte in a newsletter blast. The staff has been working hard to cleanup after the accident and they'll be open from noon to 6 pm on Saturday to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day.