Bukhara Temporarily Closed After Permit Suspended Due to Failed Inspection

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Due to a failed inspection, the Bukhara restaurant was temporarily closed due to a license suspension on March 1, 2018.

Bukhara, an Indian restaurant on Centre Street, has been closed since March 1st after its license was temporarily suspended by the city due to failing an inspection. There is also a sign on the door that says the restaurant is closed for renovations.

Due to a failed inspection and license suspension, Bukhara was temporarily closed March 1, 2018.

Although Bukhara has an A rating on the city's website, the restaurant’s permit was suspended for several violations after a March 1st inspection. The restaurant was cited for 12 separate violations. It is commonplace for restaurants to be cited for violations during inspections.

According to the city's website, Bukhara was cited for several higher-level violations, including multiple containers of food sitting in the basement at ambient room temperature, and that the designated person in charge on site could not answer basic questions related to "cold holding temperatures, cooling methods, hot holding methods, proper thawing of PHF foods and proper storage of foods." Also, the certified food protection manager was not monitoring holding temperatures, cooling methods, proper thawing of PHF foods and cold holding temperatures.

A Boston Inspectional Services Department Health Division inspection report detailing why Bukhara had its license temporarily on March 1, 2018, was posted on the restaurant's door as of March 6, 2018.

The restaurant was told to "provide additional training of workers in food safety protocol in the absence of the certified food protection manager."

As of 7:30 am Tuesday morning, the popular Jamaica Plain restaurant was one of only four restaurants in Boston with a temporarily suspended permit to operate due to health code violations.