Chickens, Solar Panels, Geothermal Energy: First-Ever Jamaica Plain Green Living Tour May 19

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How to consume less carbon, lower your utility bills, beekeeping, composting and backyard chickens are all part of this Sunday's first-ever Jamaica Plain Green Living Tour sponsored by Mothers Out Front-JP.

A map of Jamaica Plain’s first-ever Green Living Tour happening on May 19, 2019.

"I am deeply concerned about climate change and needed practical solutions. This tour helps you make green solution a part of your everyday life," said Mary Lewis-Pierce, Mothers Out Front-JP team member.

This is a free walking tour that people can take at their own leisure by going to more than a dozen homes and businesses. Tour participants will learn about a variety of green features for a clean energy future. Air source heat pumps and geothermal systems for heating and cooling, solar panels, composting, induction stoves, electric cars and bikes will all be included on the tour.

"It gives me hope to come together with a local group of like minded people to advocate for a livable climate both at a systemic/policy level but also at an individual level," said Sefira Bell-Masterson, Mothers Out Front-JP member. "I'm excited for the tour as a way to learn more about choices I can make as an individual to change my footprint as well as a way to meet more people in my neighborhood who are also passionate about mitigating climate change in a myriad of ways."

Bell-Masterson also recommended that people check out the map before heading out on the tour because there are so many sites. She added she's going to check out the electric car showcase first.

And don't forget about learning apiaries from a beekeeper, as well as the backyard chickens.

Tour participants will also be able to pick up a bag of coffee grounds for compost at JP Licks, as well as nab a free JP Licks coffee coupon at a few tour sites. Raffle tickets for a single-burner induction cooktop will also be sold at tour sites.

Click here for more info and here for an interactive map of tour sites. The tour is from 2 to 4 pm.