The Arnold Arboretum’s Feeding Curiosity About Birds

The Arnold Arboretum’s collections provide year round sustenance and habitat for a host of wildlife, including many bird species. The Arnold Arboretum's Public Programs department complements these natural resources by adding winter bird feeders. Visiting birds and birders alike have long enjoyed the feeding station at the Hunnewell Visitor Center. However, two new stations now feature in the landscape. Look for one atop Bussey Hill and the second along Conifer Path.


Why Aren’t Arboretum Roads Salted?

Each snowfall brings many visitors to the Arnold Arboretum, drawn to the landscape as a beautiful haven for skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, as well as walking and running. As soon as the snow begins to fall, our staff is mobilized to clear snow and keep our roads passable. On these snowy days, visitors occasionally ask why we don’t use deicing salts to clear interior Arboretum roads. The short answer is that concern for the long-term health of our plants and the soil they grow in requires employing different approaches than those used outside our gates. Salt Contamination and Plants
The rock salt used on city streets excels in removing snow and ice. However, resulting saltwater runoff can also harm plants, especially trees and shrubs.