Construction Begins on New Jackson Square Development for 62 Affordable Units

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Construction recently started on the new Holtzer Park housing development which will include 62 new affordable rental units in Jackson Square.

Holtzer Park housing development in Jackson Square will be 62 affordable units.

The development is part of the Boston Housing Authority’s (BHA) 125 Amory Street redevelopment. The project is a joint venture between The Community Builders, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC), and Urban Edge, which are renovating and preserving 199 public housing units as affordable housing, repurposing BHA offices into 12 new affordable units, and building approximately 133 units of affordable housing and 214 market-rate apartments in three new buildings on adjacent BHA-owned property.

Holtzer Park will create 41 affordable units for households whose income is less than $76,740 for a family of four and are supported with Low Income Housing Tax Credits, according to a press release. An additional 21 of units will have project-based vouchers to provide more affordability for households whose income is less than $38,350 for a family of four.

Holtzer Park is named for the Holtzer-Cabot Electric Company, where electrical devices were manufactured nearby the site.

“It’s exciting to see underutilized BHA land transformed into such an important use for dozens of low-income families,” said BHA Administrator Kate Bennett. “We are forging exciting opportunities in Jackson Square and I am grateful to all of our partners and staff that have made this happen."

In accordance with the city’s Green Affordable Housing Program, Holtzer Park will use a high-efficiency heating system, as well as Energy Star-rated appliances. The development will also meet the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Homes Gold certifiable standard.

Holtzer Park is being funded by several entities, including more than $2.71 million in funding from the city, $750,000 in Neighborhood Housing Trust, as well as more than $15.8 million in state and federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the Commonwealth’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), according to a press release.