The Last Streetcar to Arborway

Saturday, December 28, 1985

It was the last streetcar, or was it? Stepping off the car at South and Custer streets that very early December morning certainly had a death-like feel to it. It was winter, it was cold, and it was dark as the door of the car closed behind me. I stepped onto the sidewalk and watched the two-car train of Presidential Conference Cars (PCCs as they were called) move off into the distance toward Forest Hills. As it rounded a curve in South Street heading to its final destination at Arborway, the sound of its wheels on the tracks echoed off the three-decker houses that framed its route on either side.


Snow Melter Toils Away at Arborway Yard

Barletta Heavy Construction used a Canadian made snow melter to evaporate tons of snow removed from tracks by the MBTA. The melted snow is pumped into  Stony Brook  which flows northeasterly in a 7 foot brick culvert under the busyard. Credit: Richard Heath

For snow-weary residents, it can be a beautiful sight: Piles and piles of the stuff being melted away. That's what's happening right in Forest Hills as crews work the snow melter at the Arborway Yard. Here are a few photos.

City Councilor Charles Yancey, District 4, speaks at a community meeting on the Arborway Yard at English High School on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

Move the Arborway Yard? Yancey, Rozzie Residents Say Not So Fast

A plan to move the massive Arborway Bus Yard away from Forest Hills faced a buzz saw of criticism Wednesday. City Councilor Charles Yancey, whose district includes the proposed new site, said he was outraged his office hadn't been contacted. And Rozzie residents wearing "Ask Roslindale" tags voiced hearty disapproval. The action took place at a well-attended community meeting regarding the 17-acre site. More than 70 people came to the cafeteria at English High School to see a presentation about the idea of moving the bus yard to the American Legion Highway.


Arborway Yard Community Meeting Set for Wednesday

Good morning, neighborhood. Welcome back to more seasonable weather, with a high of 72 expected. Here's your Morning Memo for all things JP. What's Up at the Arborway Yard?: The “temporary” bus yard that’s been at Forest Hills for 15 years is 18 acres of prime real estate that's starting to look different now that Forest Hills is becoming such a hot zone for development. The Gazette has the latest on the proposal to move the unsightly thing to American Legion Highway.