Dusk at Jamaica Pond, June 2014

Potentially Toxic Algae Bloom Closes Jamaica Pond

Humans and their pets must stay out of Jamaica Pond while health officials investigate a possible bloom of toxic algae. That's the order that came down Monday from the city's Public Health Commission. Residents began noticing Monday that the boathouse was closed. The Health Commission urges residents to keep away from the water, even on the shore. The following activities are prohibited until further notice:

Any recreational activity in or on the water
Allowing dogs to swim in or drink Pond water

Possible effects of contact range from eye irritation to, in extreme cases, organ damage and even death, the Health Commission wrote in their advisory.


101 Brookley Road Breaks Ground…Finally

One of the largest development projects in the history of the Stonybrook neighborhood is underway. But, as the Gazette reports, the builder might not have city approval for the work they've begun. Buildex Real Estate Ventures has begun construction of two wood-frame three family condominium  buildings at 93 and 97 Brookley Road. The 1.8 acre parcel - the largest in the residential neighborhood - has quite a history. It was the site of Forest Hills Nursing Home, built in 1964.

Paul Gore and Centre streets, circa 1990

Discover Hyde Square’s History on Free Walking Tour

Good day, Jamaica Plain! Here's your afternoon edition of the Morning Memo for Friday, July 18. Tour Hyde Square With the JP Historical Society: I've said this before, but if you've never taken advantage of the Historical Society's enlightening and free walking tours of JP's sub-neighborhoods, you're missing out. Saturday's tour is of Hyde Square. Meet in front of Sorella's at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Whole Foods Market in Jamaica Plain.

Gazette: Documents Show Cops Monitored Whole Foods Protests

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports that newly-released documents detail how the Boston Regional Intelligence Center kept tabs on Occupy JP meetings, protests against Whole Foods moving to Hyde Square and even a vigil for one local activist's son. One JP resident who was a target of the surveillance, Robin Jacks, said the revelation made her feel a lot less safe, knowing that perfectly legal civic meetings were being watched while officials missed actual dangers like the Tsarnaev brothers. I'm quoted extensively in this piece about BRIC's monitoring of #OccupyBoston. http://t.co/xKymW6oT4M @onekade @fara1— Robin (@caulkthewagon) June 3, 2014

For the entire story, please click through to the Gazette.