Letter: Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Jeffrey Sanchez

Here are my Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Jeffrey Sanchez. 1. As the newly appointed chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Jeffrey Sanchez is the highest ranking Latino politician in the history of Massachusetts. A recent report on Latinos from USA Today states: “By a number of socioeconomic measures – poverty, income, educational attainment, unemployment, and incarceration – Massachusetts has the worst inequality between its white and Hispanic residents of any state in the U.S.” We need Jeffrey in a leadership position to address this gross inequity. 2.


‘A Space That Will Help Everybody In This Community to Bond Together’

The former Blessed Sacrament Church, empty for a decade, will become a cultural center for Boston and neighborhood hub for Hyde and Jackson squares. That's the vision laid out by Claudio Martinez, executive director of Hyde Square Task Force, the youth development organization that has taken on the enormous task of turning the vacant church back into a vibrant community building. Martinez, in an interview done Saturday while the church was open to public for a mayoral visit, said the building would be used for a variety of uses once renovated. One one hand, as a function hall for neighborhood gatherings like quinceañeras and first-birthday parties. On the other as a civic center with arts programming, talks, debates and movies.