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JP Not in First Wave of Long-Awaited Verizon Fios Rollout

Former Mayor Tom Menino famously never cut a deal to bring Verizon Internet service to the city. But the "new" mayor has done so. The long-awaited move spells the eventual end of Comcast's virtual monopoly in Boston. "Boston is moving faster than our current infrastructure can support, and a modern fiber-optic communications platform will make us a next-level city," Mayor Marty Walsh said in a press statement. "Additionally, it is a priority to ensure that every resident has expanded access to broadband and increasing competition is critical to reaching that goal."

Car parked at fire hydrant at East Boston fire on April 9, 2014.

Why You Should Never Park at a Fire Hydrant, In One Photo

Good morning, neighborhood! Here's your morning memo for Thursday, April 10:

Don't Park at Fire Hydrants: Our first item isn't from JP itself, but it is such a good reminder that I had to share. You may have heard there was a big fire in East Boston on Wednesday. It's bad enough that the Boston Fire Department has to battle flames and smoke. They also have to battle idiots who park at fire hydrants.