JP Post Office Could Move

The Jamaica Plain Post Office, 655 Centre St., on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015.

Chris Helms

The Jamaica Plain Post Office, 655 Centre St., on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015.

Postal officials have set in motion the process to move the JP Post Office from 655 Centre St. after they were unable to come to terms with the landlord on a new lease.

A letter was recently posted in the vestibule of the busy post office. It’s from the Post Office to Mayor Marty Walsh and lays out the process for possible relocation to somewhere else in the 02130 Zip Code.

“The Postal Service is considering relocation because its lease at the present location will terminate shortly and it has been unable to reach an agreement with the property owner for a new lease to remain in the property.”

According to property records, the parcel is owned by Myrtle Street Limited Partnership. That company, in turn, is run by The Bulfinch Companies, a Needham-based real estate management firm, according to state corporation records.

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Jamaica Plain News has a call in to Bulfinch about their plans for the parcel. It’s a prime JP location at the corner of Centre and Myrtle. The latest property valuations put the 11,644 square foot parcel at $529,070 for land and $1,564,678 for the building.

Myrtle Street Limited Partnership also owns 6 Myrtle St., which is directly behind the P.O.

The busy facility is named for Marine Lance Cpl. Alex Arredondo, who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

The post office hasn’t always been on Centre. In 1920 it was on Green Street.

  • elemenoh

    I wonder how soon “shortly” is… Would be great to see a new post office on Washington St or in Jackson Square!

  • jpregressive

    They should just close it. Probably the most atrocious post office I’ve ever been to by far.The employees could not care any less about resolving problems that are inflicted by the post office itself.

    • FartFace

      I hate to be negative, but they really are the worst-operated branch I’ve ever been to.

      • mjb918

        You’ve never been to the Allston branch on Harvard Street at Cambridge Street.

  • Patty

    The space at harvest will soon be available.

  • mjb918

    Absurd comment, and vindictive axe-grinding aside, am I the only one stunned by this revelation? That the USPS LEASES its space‽ I want to make some incredulous comment about the GOP forcing this untenable arrangement as a way to further cripple this fundamental democratic institution. People should be rightly outraged that this purpose-built facility hangs on a lease, and isn’t USPS property.

    • JamaicaPlainNews

      I’m also stunned. A lease!?

    • Peppy

      You’re “stunned” upon learning that the P. O. has a lease? You need to get out more.

      • mjb918

        Thank you peppy person of the world. Troll.

        • Peppy

          MJB: all I did was point out the stupidity of yiur choice of words. I can believe you might have been surprised, or thrown for a loop, but I doubt very much that you were “stunned.”

    • I’m also surprised to see the USPS leases its spaces. I wouldn’t have thought they’d have to deal with landlords like the rest of us. I know times have changed and the postal service isn’t as powerful as it used to be, but considering the renovations that went into their current space some time back I would have thought they held the title to the building.

      • mjb918

        I spoke to our postal carrier yesterday and he confirmed the space was purpose built for the PO. So what would the lessor do with the property so outfitted should a deal not be struck. Curious.

    • FartFace

      I’m also shocked that this is not a government-owned municipal building. No wonder the USPS can’t get its financial head above water.

  • Hugo_JP

    I’d like to imagine that a move would somehow improve the customer service at the JP post office, but I have a feeling that it won’t. The service (or lack of service) comes from the top. If the head of the branch isn’t changed, service won’t improve. Until then, I’ll continue to use post office branches in Brookline and downtown Boston where the clerks are friendly and attentive.

  • guest

    But they just rebuilt the post office – added on all that space in the back and the second floor. Took over a lot of sidewalk. What a waste. That was about ten years ago … no time at all.

    • Peppy

      Took over a lot of sidewalk? What part of the sidewalk did they take over ?