Former Caffe Aromi Space in Hyde Square For Lease

Caffe Aromi, a coffeeshop on Centre Street in Hyde Square, has not been open for several months, although its sign remains above the storefront. But now, it’s official: The space is available for lease.

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Caffe Aromi, which opened in JP in 2012, served coffee, muffins and other breakfast and lunch items.

The “For Lease” sign posits the space as a “restaurant opportunity.” What would you like to see open in this space?

  • Hugo_JP

    A coffee shop run by someone who knows how to run a coffee shop!

    • JC

      Yes, I agree. It served a mediocre as well as over-priced product, and was not a friendly, welcoming place. With two failed cafes under her belt, err, let’s just say the woman behind aromi wasn’t a people person.

      • Malena

        I agree that it wasn’t a friendly, welcoming place. Maybe it was the decor. After the Milky Way had to leave due to very high rents, no one has been able to make anything of that place- maybe it’s a curse against the greedy owners! 😉 Ideally, I would love to see a drop in place, with maybe live entertainment on the weekends, that serves decent salads, burgers and a few other things at a reasonable price. A place that I would like to go to on a weekday. Sorry Canary Square, I love your space but I think you are over priced.

        • Max

          Malena, I agree with every word of your comment.

  • Monster

    Add it to the list of businesses in JP that died this year…

  • Pat Roberts


    • JC

      I agree. JP has three dunkin’s on Centre within about a mile of each other yet people go nuts at the mere suggestion of a Starbucks.

  • J

    I went here all the time from when they opened until when they closed. They were very friendly, contrary to the comment below. Also, their coffee was excellent… Notably their iced coffee was unlike any I’ve tasted. I very much would like to see a coffee shop thrive in jp. It is saddening that the pseudo-classy caffe nero was allowed to move in on centre st. I prefer not to have another chain coffee business here. It is sad that neither velouria espresso nor aromi could succeed, and I’m not sure why a small cafe doesn’t thrive in Hyde square. I am inclined to blame the owner who ran the beloved Milky Way out of town by raising rents by an outrageous degree – and who clearly asks too much in rent now as evidenced by the continued vacancy of aromi’s neighboring storefront. I’m no communist but this is a case where I wish the city could step in and fore the owner to stop being so greedy, for the sake of the community.

    • JC

      FYI according to the JP Gazette aromi was owned/run by the building landlord’s second in command. This same person has gone on record in the local paper as saying the rent they wanted to charge the pizza place/Milky Way was not exorbitant so it would be ironic if aromi was forced to close because of the cost to rent the space. For the record, I really liked Velouria and was sad to see it go, but if the rents are too high for the independents I would much prefer a coffee chain that serves a great product come in than a mom & pop that serves mediocre coffee.

    • Max

      Kudos, J, to your remark on the owner. He also owns several vacant storefronts near the intersection of Green and Washington. Imagine what a few local businesses would do for that part of JP?

      • Monster

        The guy is unquestionably JP’s most hated landlord. When is he going to realize that there is an excess of empty commercial space in JP and he’s not going to get the rents he wants?

        • return

          He doesn’t care. I mean, the old Milky Way space has been empty for almost a decade now!

        • JC

          “JP’s most hated landlord” partnering with that cafe henchwoman as his second in command…sounds like a really unsavory combination.

  • Eric O’Neill

    They seemed pretty busy to me. I used to go there occasionally as well and walked by often. I was surprised to see them close up a few months ago. Maybe they couldn’t get the average customer spend high enough to make it work out?

    Anyone else love to see a Ramen place in Hyde Square (in addition to a coffee place)?

  • reco power

    i would love to see “clover food lab” move into this space or the empty space next door or combine the two. i went to aromi for a stretch of time and thought it was friendly and welcoming – i liked everyone who worked there. i wasn’t a fan of the coffee (light roast – i prefer dark) or the espresso (too acidic) but the blueberry muffins were the best!