Five Years of The Haven, and Burns Night Tonight

Eater Boston has a fantastic profile of Jason Waddleton, owner of The Haven, Boston’s only Scottish restaurant.

The Hyde Square gastropub not only honors Waddleton’s heritage, but has also served as a Jamaica Plain gathering spot when global attention turns to Scotland:

The Scottish concept has been working out quite well. The Haven has ended up serving as “a conduit of Scottish events in Boston,” said Waddleton. “Scottish headquarters, if you will.” The Scottish independence referendum of 2014 stands out in his mind. People flooded into The Haven to watch news coverage of the referendum — and meanwhile, The Haven itself became the news coverage throughout New England media as it served as “America’s conduit into the referendum.”

“It was kind of a twisted, weird thing that happened, that you become part of the story,” said Waddleton. “It was very strange, but it was a beautiful moment. In JP, people seemed to love the political aspect, the kind of freedom moment — or the intrigue of that. People came in with their kids with St. Andrew’s flags painted on their faces, and it was amazing.”

Head on over to Eater Boston to read the full profile.

As of this writing, there appear to still be tickets available for tonight’s final Burns Night celebration at The Haven, which includes a 3-course prix fixe meal, live music and more while paying tribute to Scotland’s favorite Poet Robert Burns.

Drummer Peter Stewart and bagpipers Brian Miller and Tom Childs play in front of The Haven during the first annual "Angry Scotsman" Kilt Crawl through Jamaica Plain, Sept. 13, 2014. Participants in the event, which was a benefit for the Scots' Charitable Society and Charitable Irish Society, walked through Jamaica Plain, stopping at four local establishments; Eugene O'Neill's, James's Gate, Costello's, and The Haven.

Kate Flock