Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Centre Street Discussed Wednesday

A public meeting led by a company looking to operate a medical marijuana dispensary on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain was scheduled for this week.

The Massachusetts Patient Foundation has invited “future neighbors” to a discussion Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m. at 561 Centre St., the site of the proposed dispensary. The site was previously a gas station and is located at the corner of Lakeville Road and Centre Street.

A flyer distributed to neighbors by the foundation says the company is “currently moving through the Department of Public Health licensing process and want[s] to work with the people of Jamaica Plain to locate a Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD)… We pledge to work closely and transparently with neighbors, residents, business owners and interested stakeholders during the process.”

The Massachusetts Patient Foundation has a documented history of attempting to open a dispensary in the Commonwealth, but it does not appear it has yet successfully opened a dispensary.

A document shows that the company applied to operate a medical marijuana dispensary as early as June 2015. A December 2016 document from the Health and Human Services Department’s Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality to Daniel Karten, CEO of Massachusetts Patient Foundation, informs Karten that the department had not yet received verification from the mayor of Holyoke in support of a proposed medical marijuana dispensary. The company also tried to open dispensaries in Lynn and in Norwood.

The flyer distributed to JP residents lists the team of the Massachusetts Patient Foundation, who will be in attendance at tonight’s meeting. The flyer says the team has “successful professionals from various industries including specialty retail, cultivation, manufacturing, medical sales, medicine, legal, distribution and more.”

The team includes: Rachmil “Roma” Lekach, executive director and chairman of the board of directors; Michael “Mikey” Thompson, chief agricultural office; Daniel Karten, chief operating officer; Rabbi Moshe Bleich, member of the board of directors; A. Mark Young, chief financial officer and member of the board of directors; Joseph Lekach, advisor; and Corey Cutler, member of the board of directors.

“We are committed to the safety of patients and the community,” reads the flyer. “The Massachusetts Patient Foundation team is passionate about helping patients who are suffering from debilitating conditions and diseases.”

  • Peppy

    I have no problem with a medical marijuana facility possibly opening in JP, especially if it’s nimby. But referring one of your chief officers as “Mikey” in a press release probably wasn’t the brightest move. It makes him sound like a stoner, which I personally do not have a problem with, but it will do nothing to allay neighbor’s fears

  • netfish

    Seems like a dumb use for a facility that has tens of thousands of dollars invested in gas station improvements. Will the NIMBYS rather have pot or gas? That is what what will determine the use.

    • Monster

      I’m not thrilled about a dispensary (I’m a NIMBY, I’ll admit it), but there are at least two other gas stations within a couple blocks of that location…

      • David

        does everyone in JP get a free prescription? It wouldn’t be fair if everyone didn’t get one. Its too expensive. Maybe Lisa MArie Garver will splurge and buy an expensive joint once a week? These dispensaries will just bring more yuppies in to the neighborhood and the fabric of the neighborhood will change. I wonder wha Dave Baron thinks about it? He still hasn’t responded to several residents queries of his decision making process.

        • Dan

          What’s a yuppie?

          • David

            a young person with a job that aspires to live in JP. The kind of people Lisa Marie Garvey doesn’t want in the neighborhood so her and her 100% affordable George Lee and City Life people fight every privately funded development to keep the young people out.

  • Jon

    Not opposed on principal, but even a cursory look at these guys reveals a background in scientifically dubious supplements and other issues. Not sure JP wants their business. May be a reason they haven’t found a site yet….


  • Trans Global Girl

    It’d be a relief to have the professionalism and stability of a discreet and secure business such as a MMD. The neighborhood has had an abundance of gas stations for too long; they’re unnecessary in these numbers and contribute to air and ground toxicity.

    • Steppenovadaline

      It would also be a relief not to be subjected to inane, uninformed comments such as yours.

      • Trans Global Girl

        Why don’t you give me an example of an informed comment, Steppy? Or are you just a troll?

        • Steppenovadaline

          And there you go again.

          Btw, it’s not polite to call people names; you of all ‘people’ should be aware of that. You don’t seem to be a very tolerant ‘person’.

  • Lisa Marie Garver

    Well at least its something new. Idk if a former gas station is the best location for a legit medical supply store but what can ya do?

  • GoatWatch

    Should be on Green St.

    Sorry for the baaaad pun

    • JPGoatHunter

      I mean it. Watch your back, Goat. I’m on to you.

  • BettyV

    Shouldn’t they be required to pay Doylie for the privilege of doing business in JP? I mean, he’s demanding cash from everyone else in town.