What the Cluck? Someone Put a Whole Raw Chicken in Little Free Library

Oh, the things you see in the world — like a whole raw chicken in a Little Free Library in Jamaica Plain!

Someone put a whole raw chicken in a Little Free Library at Bardwell and South streets.

Seriously. Someone decided to put a whole raw chicken inside the Little Free Library at the corner of Bardwell and South streets. The chicken was still in its plastic wrapper  and did not seem like it was leaking as of 6 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

It was not clear whether the chicken was raised organically, with antibiotics, free range or caged. There were no recipes nearby, and it didn’t look like any of the books were cooking related.

No notes were left at the scene indicating why a chicken was placed in the Little Free Library. And it begs the question — why would someone leave a whole raw chicken in a Little Free Library???

  • Monster

    The free tiny library is for BOOKS. Not workout videotapes. Not old brooms or laundry baskets. Not junky issues of Woman’s Day from 4 years ago. Not promotional cards for your real estate company. Not half-used bags of mulch.

    (Not chickens.)

    C’mon people. Library means books. It’s not the free tiny place to dump garbage you don’t have the heart to throw away.

    • Marty

      True enough. The little library near me is often full of obscure academic texts that are at least 20 years old so the information in them is usually obsolete. Memo to Neighborhood academics, please recycle those tomes – nobody else wants to read them.

  • Krista Ann

    How very fowl.

  • Family Story Art

    “I think I will stop and look at books in the little free library on my way home from the market….I will just set my bag down on the shelf while I look…oh, here is a book I would like to read…I am really enjoying this book but now that I am home and hungry, I can’t find the chicken for dinner!”

    • Hey Jude

      what I thought exactly.