Tire Flattener Stalks Creighton Street

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The parking nightmare appears to have driven at least one resident to take the air out of his or her neighbor's tires (or possibly slash them.) And, according to social media chatter, at least three cars in the vicinity have gotten the same treatment.

A thread on Reddit Boston titled "JP Residents Beware — Tire Slasher on the Loose!" outlines one resident's experience with having her tires slashed twice in a week.

Vehicle seen slashing multiple cars on Creighton St in JP. My car was one of them this morning, all 4 tires. Will slash your tires if he feels you have been parked too long on the street. Neighbor confirms this is the third car on this street this week. Move your cars daily and park on Centre when possible!

Police have confirmed one case. On Saturday morning, police got a call to 16 Creighton St. The victim told police that between 11 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday, someone flattened all four tires on her car. The person didn't know if they were slashed or simply deflated.

The victim told police that she parked across from her home and that a man "stared repeatedly at her and her roommate in a manner they considered to be angry." The victim told police she thought the man was "angry and upset" for her taking the spot.

The victim's roommate said he saw the persons walking around and looking at the car. The victim called 911 but the suspect had fled when police arrived.

The Reddit thread contains several more details, including a description of a possible suspect. The person who started the Reddit thread wanted to warn people.

"Please don't slash peoples tires if they take your spot too! It's cowardly and sometimes the car before you might move the marker like in my case!"

The Reddit thread refers to cars parking on Centre Street to stay away from the slasher on Creighton, but that won't be possible during the parking ban, which began at 4 p.m. Sunday, because Centre Street is part of the parking ban.