Resident parking sign in Moss Hill

Permit Parking Comes to Moss Hill

“Resident Permit Parking Only” signs have come to Moss Hill, where every house has a driveway and almost every driveway leads to a garage. Resident Lois Tow said that some of her neighbors were unhappy when visitors to the Faulkner Hospital parked on the neighborhood streets. Also, streets near the Manning School get crowded when parents drop off their kids and pick them up. As Tow tells the story, someone came around with a petition, and the signs went up. Tow said that her landscapers got a ticket and that an acquaintance who lives in Roxbury had trouble finding a parking place to attend an event at her child’s school.


Passive-Aggressive Signs Sprout in Space Saver Wars

Space saver in #jamaicaplain "Be decent... Try not being an asshole (for once)" @universalhub

— Bobbie (@girlinjp) February 19, 2015

The message on this space saver, found at the corner of Myrtle and Pond, starts out politely enough. But read to the end. "Please do not move this space saver. It is valid for 48 hours following the end of the snow emergency — so until 6 p.m. on Friday.


Tire Flattener Stalks Creighton Street

The parking nightmare appears to have driven at least one resident to take the air out of his or her neighbor's tires (or possibly slash them.) And, according to social media chatter, at least three cars in the vicinity have gotten the same treatment. A thread on Reddit Boston titled "JP Residents Beware — Tire Slasher on the Loose!" outlines one resident's experience with having her tires slashed twice in a week. Vehicle seen slashing multiple cars on Creighton St in JP. My car was one of them this morning, all 4 tires.


Boldly Going Past Old Boundaries, Someone Put a Space Saver in a City Lot

@universalhub @02130News Space saver in a municipal parking that's a new one.

— hillary (@_hillary) February 4, 2015

JP's Hillary Corbett saw something she'd never seen before (and I've never seen before) — a space saver in a city-owned lot spot. The deck chair was laying claim to a spot in the city's 490-498 Centre St. lot across the street from the Curley School. It's one of the lots the city (theoretically) makes available during snow emergencies.


Letter to the Editor: Parking Rules Hurt Local Business

I want to comment on Amanda Lapham’s recent article on keeping our shopping local. I have lived in Jamaica Plain over 55 years. I am a homeowner and also have a resident sticker. I have recently noticed how very unfriendly parking is. For years I have parked in Blanchards lot with no problems and last week got a ticket for $25 as I was 5 minutes over the two hour limit as I was shopping on Centre Street and honoring my merchants.

A space saver on Paul Gore Street on Friday, Feb. 7, 2014.

Space Savers: Fair Game For Neighbors to Remove After 5 p.m.

At 5 p.m. on Friday it will be 48 hours since Mayor Marty Walsh ended our most recent snow emergency. That means, officially at least, no more space savers. Of course this is a hotly-contested rule. Rule abiding residents risk retaliation from folks who like to keep the spot they shoveled reserved. I've heard through the grapevine of one particularly nasty confrontation in the area of Paul Gore Street that involved one neighbor dumping trash on another neighbor's car.