Passive-Aggressive Signs Sprout in Space Saver Wars

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The message on this space saver, found at the corner of Myrtle and Pond, starts out politely enough. But read to the end.

"Please do not move this space saver. It is valid for 48 hours following the end of the snow emergency — so until 6 p.m. on Friday. Don't ruin someone else's night. Be decent and go park somewhere else. Try not being an asshole. (For once)"

Over on Dalrymple Street, as we previously posted about, a Space saver signs on Dalrymple Street, Feb. 15, 2015.[/caption]

And some inventive residents take the passive out of passive-aggression. They're content with simple aggression:

And as you've probably heard, it goes beyond signs or shouting sometimes. There's at least one confirmed report of tires being slashed or flattened on Creighton Street.