Restaurant Opening Alert: Soup Shack Opening June 18

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The already varied and robust Jamaica Plain cuisine scene will soon get another fare to its lineup -- as the Soup Shack is scheduled to open on June 18.

We will be open on Monday June 18th 2018.

Posted by Soup Shack on Monday, June 4, 2018

The Soup Shack has given itself a very impressive challenge by serving up three different Asian style soups: Thai noodle soup, pho and ramen. That's Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese soups. It's impressive to do one well. It will be even more impressive if three are done well!

The menu offers four different Thai noodle soups, including a Duck Noodle Soup, as well as the classic Tom Yum Noodle Soup. There are five different pho soups. And there are six different ramen soups, which is interesting to note as very popular and successful ramen houses often only serve three or four soups and barely anything else on their menu. The Soup Shack is also serving appetizers, rice bowls and more.

The Soup Shack is located at 779 Centre St.