Sorella’s Flipping Last Pancakes, Closing at End of Month After 36 Years

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One of Jamaica Plain's most beloved restaurants and delicious breakfast spots, Sorella's, will serve up its last batch of French toast at the end of the month.

After 36 years in business in Hyde Square, Sorella's is closing at the end of March 2019.

Sorella's was started by two sisters Ellie and Antoinette Bolys in 1983. Thus the name, Sorella's, which means sisters in Italian. Four years ago Ellie passed away and while Antoinette kept Sorella's going, it was tough to keep it running while she also tended to her other restaurant the Dedham Diner.

"Aunt Ellie opened it. This was her establishment. Her creativity," said Lisa Bolys, niece of Ellie and Antoinette, while taking people's orders this past Saturday. Lisa joked that her Aunt Ellie is now running a delicious restaurant up in heaven these days.

Through the years Sorella's has drawn national acclaim for its eclectic, creative, very large and scrumptious menu. Lisa said the most popular items are the cornbread French toast topped with homemade cranberry sauce, strawberries and whipped cream; ginger blueberry hazelnut pancakes; and pumpkin pancakes with cream cheese and strawberries.

The French toasts are made from homemade breads, and through the years the menu has catered to Jamaica Plain denizens by adding vegan offerings.

Due to its popularity and increasing line of customers waiting outside on the Hyde Square sidewalk, Sorella's expanded about 10 years ago, adding a second dining room.

"I like Grecian omelettes," said Lisa, who had the wonderful task of being a taster years ago when her aunts created the menu. "It was fun research!"

A photo of Ellie Bolyes hangs in Sorella's.

Lisa said she still misses her Aunt Ellie and that people still come in and ask about her. And as the restaurant aged through the years, so have the customers.

"We enjoyed everyone. We have families who brought in their children, and those children eventually brought in their children. There aren't many places you can bring children to eat," said Lisa.

While Sorella's remains open, it has transitioned to shorter operation hours: Thursday through Sunday 7 am to 1 pm.

Lisa said the business has been for sale for several months, but that's up to her Aunt Antoinette. As for whether the secret recipes are up for sale, Lisa could not comment on that either. So get into the restaurant before its last day, and savor those remaining bites at Sorella's.