Forest Hills Doesn’t Have a Bluebikes Station…But It Will…

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You would think that one of the major MBTA stations, a hub of transportation for the area if you will, would have a Bluebikes station. But alas, Forest Hills doesn't currently have a station for anyone to get on a bicycle and pedal away.

A BlueBikes Forest Hills station is coming later this year.

Bluebikes is a public bicycling sharing system and there are more than 260 Bluebikes stations across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville, with more than 2,500 shareable bicycles. But currently there isn't a station at Forest Hills.

Currently, the nearest Bluebikes stations to Forest Hills are located at Williams and Washington streets (about .5 mile away); Curtis Hall (about .6 mile away); and Archdale Road and Washington Street in Roslindale (.8 mile away).

But eventually there will be a Bluebikes station at Forest Hills...

"Since last summer, BTD has worked diligently with the MBTA to meet their permitting requirements for this location, as well as six others in the city," said Stefanie Seskin, Active Transportation Director for the Boston Transportation Department. "We expect permits will be finalized and stations will be installed by early summer."