File photo: An inbound Orange Line train between Green and Stony Brook. April 2014.

UPDATED: MBTA Weekend Work June 30 to July 8, Buses Replacing T From Forest Hills to Jackson Square

Editor’s note: This article was updated Thursday with revised information from the MBTA. At least it's not on the weekdays. Buses will be replacing MBTA train service from Forest Hills to Jackson Square on the weekends of June 30 and July 7. The disruption in train service is due to track work. Buses will replace Orange Line trains going both ways and will affect the following station: Jackson Square, Stony Brook, Green Street and Forest Hills. The MBTA had originally planned for track work most weekends through early September but, in response to inquiries from Jamaica Plain News Thursday, clarified that the work schedule had been shortened:

Thanks Robert, we crossed ourselves up.


3 Pop-Ups to Discuss JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan This Week

Jamaica Plain and Roxbury residents will have three opportunities this week at pop-ups to provide feedback to the city about the JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan. The JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan will guide future development and improvements along the corridor of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. The plan area encompasses Forest Hills, Egleston Square and Jackson Square, generally bounded by Washington Street, Columbus Avenue and Amory Street. Boston Transportation Department personnel will be on hand at the pop-ups to hear residents' suggestions about routes, challenges and their vision for the area. The Boston Transportation Department has created an interactive map in which users can add routes and points of concerns for accessibility, pedestrian access, bicyclist safety, transit rider issues, vehicle issues and more. Click here to see the interactive map. The comment period for the interactive map closes on June 15th.


Community Meeting to Discuss Redesign of Centre/South Streets on May 14

The Boston Transportation Department is holding a meeting on May 14 to discuss the redesigning of Centre and South streets streetscape. At the meeting the city would like to hear the community's "streetscape improvement priorities" for Jackson Square to Forest Hills along Centre and South streets. Boston Transportation Department officials will discuss the upcoming design process based on the Centre and South Streets Streetscape and Transportation Action Plain. This meeting is open to the public and will be on Monday, May 14 from 6 to 8 pm at the Curtis Hall Community Center (20 South St.).


Casey Arboway Project Update: Construction of Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways Continuing

Work on the Casey Arboway Project continues with landscaping being added (often a sign of a project nearing an end) and the new upper busway canopy is closer to being installed. Keep in mind that work is highly weather dependent, but will continue on all day, except Sunday, with suitable conditions to allow construction to progress. Here is a 3-week look back and a 3-week lookahead provided by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT):

Since March 5th to March 23rd the project has:

Advanced work in both the northern (towards Green Street) and southern (towards Roslindale Square) Forest Hills Station plazas;
Continued construction of bicycle and pedestrian facilities project wide;
Continued finalization of signal operations project wide; and,
Completed work on the foundations for the new upper busway canopy. Motorists are reminded that eastbound (towards Franklin) and westbound (towards the Arboretum) left turns off the Arborway at the intersections of South Street/Arborway and Washington Street/Arborway are now permanently prohibited.  These movements will now be permanently handled by the eastern and western median U-turns.  The only exception to this is the westbound left turn at Arborway/Washington Street which is available to general purpose traffic as directed by the electric sign mounted on the signal controlling the Arborway westbound approach.  Drivers of private cars using this left turn when the approach is signed for buses only may be subject to fines and assigned moving violations. During the week of March 26th work will address the following:

Around the intersection of Arborway/Washington Street:

Paving, striping, and installation of curb for the third westbound (towards the Arboretum) approach lane at the intersection of Arborway/Washington Street.