Ward 19 Democratic Committee Launches Spring Back Better Campaign to Help Community Groups and Bizs Re-open

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To celebrate the success of the first 100 days of the Biden/Harris administration, the Ward 19 Democratic Committee (JP, Roslindale) is launching Spring Back Better, a campaign to help local community groups and businesses to fully re-open.

With the benefit of the COVID-19 Relief Bill and COVID-19 vaccinations widely disseminated, we’re able to start venturing out and opening back up. We know that our community in Jamaica Plain and Roslindale has gone through a lot. Some small businesses and community organizations have been able to function online or through take-out and delivery. Others had to close due to the absence of clients and revenues.

In January, on the recommendation of the Biden/Harris Inaugural Committee, Ward 19 solicited funds for the First Baptist Church J.P. food pantry and the Roslindale Congregational Church food pantry. The generous community response enabled us to provide fresh produce three times to 550 households.

Now Ward 19 is extending its support to local businesses and the local non-profit community. Many need our help to get back to business. We have highlighted a short list of groups below, and we know that many more need your support. Based on your ability and interests, we encourage you to donate to, and/or volunteer with, these groups or others to help the community transition out of pandemic-driven difficulties.

Thank you for helping our community Spring Back Better!
For further information please contact Esther Kaplan, Ward 19 Democratic Committee member at EKap1222@gmail.com and visit bostonward19dems.org.

First Baptist Church JP Food Pantry:
The JP food pantry based out of the First Baptist Church delivers food to 315 households weekly, in addition to offering weekly community meals.
Donate online to the Food Justice Program. Donations are tax-deductible.
Contact Rev. Ashlee Wiest-Laird at 617-823-7181 or visit firstchurchjp.org/food-pantry.

Roslindale Food Pantry:
The Roslindale Food Pantry needs volunteers to help make food deliveries on Fridays, and help unload food deliveries on weekdays. The Roslindale food pantry is based out of the Roslindale Congregational Church and provides food to 100 households and 150 elders weekly. Non-perishable food donations can be dropped off on Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm. Checks can be mailed to Roslindale Food Pantry, 25 Cummins Highway, Roslindale, MA 02131 or Venmo (@Roslindale-FoodPantry). Donations are tax- deductible. Please contact Pantry Manager Rosemary Braverman at roslindalefoodpantry@gmail.com or visit roscon.org/food-pantry.

JP Centre/South Main Streets:
JPCSMS is assisting new and existing local businesses as they re-open, and provide a job board of jobs in local businesses. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made via Venmo (@JPCentreSouth), or online, or send checks to JP Centre/South Main Streets,670 Centre St., Suite 7, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. Volunteers are also wanted to help with community events. Please contact Director Ginger Brown at DirectorJPcsms@gmail.com or visit jpcentresouth.com.

JP/Roxbury Mutual Aid:
JP/Roxbury Mutual Aid connects residents with the capacity to provide direct aid payments with local individuals who have specific needs. It also delivers nutritious and culturally appropriate groceries weekly to families in need since the start of the pandemic. Donations can be made via Venmo (@JPRoxburyMutualAid).

The Eliot School:
The Eliot School has been inspiring lifelong learning in craft and creativity for all for over 300 years. They need help with reopening, specifically with updates to the air system in this historic building and support for programs, including the summer youth program. Donations are tax deductible and can be donated online by visiting eliotschool.org.