Check Out This Smoky Grey Turkey

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Many of us have seen wild turkeys roam around Jamaica Plain. But how many of us have seen a smoky grey turkey?

A smokey grey poult (baby turkey) seen in the Forest Hills area in June 2021. (Photo courtesy Rosetta Martini)

Recently, Rosetta Martini has seen a flock of turkeys by her home in the Forest Hills area, and one poult (a baby turkey) has a distinctive look to it -- smoky grey.

According to, turkeys come in five different colors. The commonly seen color is chestnut. But they also come in four rarer colors: smoke, red, black, and white. These colors are not phases, as the birds will remain these colors throughout their lives. The rare colors are due to genetic mutations passed along through generations. Of the rarer colors, smoke is the more common one, with 1 out of 100 turkeys being smoky.