MSPCA-Angell ER Doctor on Providing Care During Public Health Crisis

There is barely an industry that hasn't been affected by the Coronavirus, and that includes animal care. Dr. Kiko Bracker, and emergency veterinarian at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center, spoke about what it's like working these days. Q: What is your role at the Angell Animal Medical Center? 

Bracker: I am a specialist in Emergency and Critical Care. I help take care of sick patients in our ICU and see emergencies in the ER. Q: How has your job changed since the public healthy emergency?


$18M Bond Issued to Fund MSPCA’s New Critical Care Unit

The MSPCA will use proceeds from a $18,417,298.61 tax-exempt bond issued by MassDevelopment to build a new two-story addition. The MSPCA will use bond proceeds to build and equip a two-story, 9,000-square-foot addition at its Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain. The organization will then relocate its ward operations from its existing facility to the addition, creating space for a new state-of-the-art Critical Care Unit, according to a press release from MassDevelopment. MassDevelopment said that TD Bank purchased the bond, which will also be used to refinance previously issued debt. MassDevelopment and TD Bank teamed up in 2016 to help the MSPCA by issuing a $7 million tax-exempt bond, purchased by the bank to help MSPCA renovate their facility.


‘All for Australia’ Fundraiser at Franklin Park Zoo on Feb. 13

In response to the catastrophic bushfires in Australia, Zoo New England will host All for Australia, an evening ticketed fundraiser inside Franklin Park Zoo’s Tropical Forest Pavilion on Feb. 13. Franklin Park Zoo is home to a number of animals native to Australia including red kangaroo, emu, Gouldian finch, black swan, tawny frogmouth, laughing kookaburra, Australian walking stick, blue-tongued skink, sulphur crested cockatoo, budgerigar, palm cockatoo, and more. All event proceeds will benefit Zoos Victoria’s Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund, which is supporting the critical care and long-term recovery of Australian wildlife. Tickets are $30 and include hors d'oeuvres, animal encounters, and musical performances by The Bag Family Band.


Letter: Resident Says Be Aware of Coyotes in JP

This past weekend, I was walking my 13-pound elderly cock-a-poo, midday, when at the corner of Greenough Ave and Elm St, a car pulled up to me and a woman leaned out, pointing, and said "Is that a coyote?" I spun around to see, not 20 feet from me, at eye-level because the yard is elevated, a large and healthy coyote. The coyote was large, long and slender, but not thin, and it was looking straight at me! I scooped up my little dog and asked if I could get into their car, which I was about to do, when the coyote loped off in the direction of Sedgwick Street. I thanked them profusely and ran home.


Photos: Embracing Beauty of Winter at Arnold Arboretum

I try to keep my voice down when I speak of my love for winter. I’ve learned that almost no one wants to hear it. Yet at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum, I fall in love with this stark but lovely season once again. It’s November on my first visit — everything is shades of brown and the sky is nearly entirely gray. Standing halfway up Peters Hill, the only sound is a nearby rustling in the bushes, then silence, then cawing overhead, then silence.