Do You Want A Fenced-In Dog Run at Flaherty Playground?

There is no official dog park in Jamaica Plain. Residents have been howling barking asking for one for many years. With its redesign of Flaherty Playground, the city is asking residents to voice their opinion of whether there should be a fenced-in dog run at the soon-to-be renovated spot. The city is asking residents to take a survey to tell the city if you would like a fenced-in dog run at Flaherty Playground by clicking here. The survey will be available for two weeks starting Sept.


Video: Finale of Fowl Fight in Arnold Arboretum

It wasn't quite the Sharks and the Jets, or any other well-known rivalry, but it was two gaggles pecking it out at the Arnold Arboretum the other day. This video shows the aftermath of much of the pecking. It's got a lot of chasing of several gobblers (a male turkey) and maybe some jakes (juvenile males) got involved, too. We can't confirm what truly happened because no turkey wanted to talk. Just gobble.


Gorillas Adjusting to New Gorilla Grove at Franklin Park Zoo

After many years of not being able to go outside, the gorillas of Franklin Park Zoo now have access to the outdoors thanks to the brand new Gorilla Grove, which opened in April. The gorillas have access to Gorilla Grove daily, starting between 9 and 10 am. But some visitors have noted they haven't seen the gorillas inside or outside. That's because gorillas may choose to spend time in an indoor area, not visible to the public, while they get used to their new home, said a statement from Zoo New England. "When first introduced to Gorilla Grove, some members of the troop, including Little Joe and Aziza, acclimated to the new space right away, while it took some of the others longer to get used to the space, which is quite different from their indoor habitat," said Zoo New England.


The Arnold Arboretum’s Feeding Curiosity About Birds

The Arnold Arboretum’s collections provide year round sustenance and habitat for a host of wildlife, including many bird species. The Arnold Arboretum's Public Programs department complements these natural resources by adding winter bird feeders. Visiting birds and birders alike have long enjoyed the feeding station at the Hunnewell Visitor Center. However, two new stations now feature in the landscape. Look for one atop Bussey Hill and the second along Conifer Path.


Boston’s Most Popular Dog Names; Dog Licensing Deadline is March 31

The most popular dog name in Boston for 2021 was Luna. Residents registered 112 Lunas. That reminds us, Boston Parks and Recreation Department’s Animal Care and Control Division would like city dog owners to know that the annual deadline for licensing their pets is March 31. All dogs in Boston require a new license each year. “Not only is licensing your pet the law, but a license is your pet’s ID and provides their fastest ticket home if they become lost,” said Animal Care and Control Director Alexis Trzcinski via press release.