Turkeys Take Over Centre Street

What is this Brookline?? Turkeys are becoming more and more brazen by the day in Jamaica Plain, and on Sunday they were spotted just strolling down the middle of Centre Street. Sue O'Connell tweeted the following photo after witnessing the fine feathered brigade strutting along JP's main thoroughfare.


Zoo New England Receives $10,000 Targeted Grant to Advance Women

Zoo New England recently received a $10,000 Targeted Grant from Eastern Bank. The grant will support the Boston BioBlitz, a STEM initiative designed to immerse inner city girls in structured environmental exploration while contributing to local and international biodiversity projects. Each year, the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation’s Targeted Grant program supports hundreds of community-based organizations working for progress on a specific issue in Eastern’s New England footprint. In 2018, in celebration of the Bank’s 200th anniversary and to honor its first depositor, Rebecca Sutton, Targeted Grants have been designated to support organizations addressing a range of issues that disproportionately impact women, such as sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, health care, pay equity, and senior management and board representation. Zoo New England is among 170 nonprofits each receiving a $10,000 grant.


Homeless Purebred Lab Puppy Needs Surgery at MSPCA to Fix His Broken Heart

Life for a purebred Labrador puppy named “Hugo,” who was born with a congenital heart condition, has been anything but easy. The nearly three-month-old bundle of cuteness was surrendered last month to the MSPCA-Angell’s Boston adoption center by a local breeder because he could not eat without immediately regurgitating his food—a defect which meant young Hugo could no longer be sold. Hugo was born with a heart problem that made it nearly impossible for him to eat and, if left untreated, could be fatal. Now the MSPCA is raising funds to offset his pending surgery, which will cost upwards of $6,000, but remains the only chance to fix his heart once and for all. Hugo’s Rough Start
Hugo was less than two months old when he was diagnosed with a condition called Persistent Right Aortic Arch, or PRAA, which means part of his heart was wrapped around his esophagus, effectively squeezing his throat and making eating and drinking almost impossible.


Three Sites Proposed for Possible Dog Parks on Southwest Corridor

Eventually, there will be a dog park in Jamaica Plain. There have been numerous proposals through the years, but the community never bit for any of them. But the latest doggone effort by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), which proposed three different possible sites along the Southwest Corridor for dog parks, seems to have some (four?) legs to it. At a DCR public meeting on August 2, state officials provided an overview of three possible locations. Click here to view the entire Department of Conservation and Recreation proposal.


Video: Fisher Cat in Allandale Woods!

A recent video taken in Allandale Woods captured amazing footage of a rarely seen fisher cat hanging out in a tree. Fisher cat in Allandale Woods from JamaicaPlainNews.com on Vimeo. "I was climbing up a hill in Allandale Woods with my big yellow lab mix dog Juno. Juno got excited and started snuffling around the ground and I heard something scurrying. I looked up and there was the fisher cat in the tree," Amy Brubaker told Jamaica Plain News.