New Outdoor Gorilla Habitat at Franklin Park Zoo

Come warm weather Franklin Park Zoo goers will get to see the troop of gorillas outside thanks to a new outdoor habitat. The new habitat 360,000 cubic feet habitat cost $8.1 million, and was made possible by generous donors who wish to remain anonymous. The funding for the new gorilla habitat, with restricted capital donations, was made prior to the start of the pandemic, according to a press release. Six gorillas currently call Franklin Park Zoo home. Little Joe, Kitombe (Kit), his mate Kiki and their three offspring – Kambiri, Azize and Pablo, a male gorilla born in October 2020.


Most Popular Dog Names in Boston & Dog Licensing Deadline is March 31

All dogs in Boston require a new license every year from the city, and the deadline to get one for this year is March 31. There's been a significant increase in dog adoptions during the COVID pandemic, and the city wants to inform all dog owners that it's required to get a dog license every year. All dogs six months or older need to be licensed. The fine for unlicensed dogs is $50. “A license is your dog’s fastest ticket home if they become lost, and it’s the law,” said Animal Care and Control Director Alexis Trzcinski.


Coyotes at the Arnold Arboretum Collections

Coyotes exist throughout the Greater Boston area, and right here in Jamaica Plain, especially in greenspaces like the Arnold Arboretum. In early February, local resident Grace Holley tweeted photos and video of a coyote she saw eating an animal, right before it approached her and her dog. Seemingly in response the Arnold Arboretum posted an article about living with coyotes. The following article was originally posted on the Arnold Arboretum's website and is being republished on Jamaica Plain News with permission from the arboretum. Eastern coyote sightings in Boston parks and neighborhoods often make news headlines during the winter.


Awesome Photos of Praying Mantis’ Visit to JP Resident’s Flowers

It's not every day that you see a praying mantis in Jamaica Plain. Yet alone on the porch of a third floor apartment. "I went out on the porch because I saw that my plants had blown over and when I picked one of them up, I noticed a huge praying mantis hangin out on one of the flowers. I probably spent a good 20 minutes watching it (and taking pictures!)," said Rebecca Glucklich. It's almost as if Glucklich had a personal photo shoot with the praying mantis as it let itself be seen amongst her flowers.


7-Year-Old Finds Wandering Ball Python in Jamaica Plain

Despite not having any experience with snakes, a Jamaica Plain man and his 7-year-old daughter were able to locate a small ball python snake that they captured with another local. On Sept. 4 Madison Sargeant and Jeffrey Kimball both tweeted photos of a ball python in Jamaica Plain. The two strangers seemingly came across the snake at the same time. Hey Madison, we're that couple!