Nazis Tried to Protest a Drag Queen Story Hour at the Loring Greenough House

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A group of masked neo-Nazis tried to protest a drag queen story hour for children at the Loring Greenough House, but they were late and missed the actual event on Saturday.

The event featured Patty Bouree reading to children, and was initially scheduled for two weeks ago, but was postponed after a tip was provided there'd be a protest. Event organizers rescheduled for Saturday, and only advertised to current ticket holders, and arranged for a police presence.

But the Nazis still showed up, seemingly only males, worried about a story hour, and screamed about pedophiles, and as pointed out -- there own group has had members charged with pedophilia. At least one neo-Nazi was arrested, as were counter protestors, reported

A counter protest was quickly arranged and the show went on.

"We weren't going to let Nazi scum diminish our enthusiasm to support drag queen story hour and the LGBTQ and other communities, so we went and had a phenomenal time," said Tony Cunningham, a doctor of clinical psychology, to Jamaica Plain News. "Patty Bourrée was fantastic and the kids all had a blast. My daughter spent the rest of the morning singing and making up stories so it was a great influence and inspiration."

The Loring Greenough House released a statement about the event.

On Saturday, July 23rd, the Loring Greenough House hosted the Drag Queen Story Time. Parents and children were entertained with singing and book reading. All enjoyed the event.

Unfortunately, a group of masked neo-Nazis gathered just outside our fence to chant malicious and homophobic rhetoric. The protest of a Drag Queen event was a tool to gain attention. Any concern for the well-being of children was absent.

The Loring Greenough House deeply appreciates our community who gathered across the street to support each other. It was uplifting to see Jamaica Plain demonstrate that we will not be bystanders in the face of bigotry. We also wish to express our gratitude to the District 13 Police force who were on hand to keep The Loring Greenough Houses’ guests safe.

As a part of our mission, the Loring Greenough House strives to foster civic and community spirit. On this day and every day, we do so by standing with our community against hatred and injustice. We continue to welcome respectful community members to our premises.

People on social media provided their opinions on a group of men who protest a person wearing a dress and reading to children and their parents.

And as Cunningham pointed out, the Nazis are not that organized, and completely missed the event.

"My daughter and I were blocks away when we heard some shouting which I assume was them. Mark me down as not surprised that a lack of organization and punctuality runs in the Hitler cosplayers," said Cunningham.

Also, as many of us feel, Cunningham added: Fuck Nazis.