Michael Cox Sworn in as 44th Boston Police Commissioner

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Michael Cox was sworn in as the 44th commissioner of the Boston Police on Monday. Cox's rise to become the top cop of Boston is an incredible story considering that in 1995, while working as a Boston Police officer, he was mistaken for a suspect, and beaten by his fellow colleagues.

Cox was in plainclothes following a suspect in January of 1995, and his fellow officers grabbed him, and beat him -- and left him for dead after they saw Cox was carrying a police badge.

Cox, who is Black, went on to fight the blue code of silence. The silence that swallows up police officers from -- in this case -- turning themselves in, or telling the truth about what happened to Cox. This

“After this incident happened, I had a choice — either quit or stay, and I chose to stay, because I believe in policing in a community-friendly way,” he said to The New York Times. “And I know the men and women that I work with believe in that same thing, too.”

Cox went on to fight the city for more than four years, and he was eventually paid $1.25 million in damages and legal fees.

And now he will lead the force and hopefully break down the blue wall of silence.