The Lantern Parade is Coming Soon… Here’s How to Get Involved

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Spontaneous Celebrations' Lantern Parade is on October 22 and 23 and there are many ways you can get involved leading up to one of Jamaica Plain's greatest traditions.

You can make lanterns. Albeit this year, Spontaneous Celebrations is in need of 3-liter bottles. Members of Spontaneous Celebrations' Programming Circle have been exploring how to make lanterns in other ways, such as strings of LED lights and even cellphone lights.

There are upcoming afternoons and evenings for community drop-ins to help make lanterns for everyone to use. Materials will be provided on the following dates at Spontaneous Celebrations (45 Danforth St.):

    • Friday Potlucks (5-9 pm): Oct. 7, Oct. 14, and Oct. 21
    • Other dates (4-8 pm): Oct. 13, Oct. 17, Oct. 18, Oct. 20

Spontaneous Celebrations is also encouraging people to save clear (and clean) plastic containers such as egg cartons, salad boxes, fruit containers, etc. You can use these containers to create your own unique shining light. You're welcome to donate these items to Spontaneous Celebrations, too.

You can also buy a lantern kit at Boing! Toy Shop and Ula Cafe starting Oct. 8.

Volunteers are also wanted for before, during and after the event. You can fill out this form to help with the following:

  • Before the parade
    • Help with making lots of lanterns
    • Help with outreach - painting and/or installing banners
    • Hold a Lantern Making Fundraiser at your home!
  • Days of the parade
    •  Before
      • Setting up around the pond
    • During
      • Cranking the Cider Press
      • Manage a candle station around Jamaica Pond
    • After
      • Clean up

There's still time to join the Lantern Parade Planning and Organizing Circle. Drop-in on Thursdays at 7 pm. You can learn more about the Programming Circle here.

Acoustic musicians are welcome to play and sing around the pond. If you would like to play acoustic music somewhere around the Pond, fill out this form.