Brown’s ‘Motherhood is Perennial’ Quilt Exhibit at Jamaica Plain Branch Library

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Quilter Christine Brown's "Motherhood is Perennial" show is now on exhibit at the Jamaica Plain Branch Library.

The show opened May 4 and will be on display through June 28, and features textile works of Brown's.

A multidisciplinary artist and educator, Brown credits her sewing skills to the local 4H club, an experience which led to her commitment to teaching sewing to the next generation of artists through lessons and workshops, according to a press release.

Her exhibit explores the quilt as an object that provides warmth and comfort, similar to the ways a mother does. Saved and mended through generations, quilts transform as they age, and gain personality through their owners.

“They keep us warm and comfort us. Utilitarian and functional, they are often overlooked as objects with little value. Yet, throughout time, they are ever present, ever faithful,” said Brown.

Themes of regeneration, pruning, and consistent growth no matter the season are apparent in her vibrant designs, featuring floral motifs representing the mother and daughter figures in her life, said a press release. Brown's work incorporates a combination of Modernist and more traditional visual styles, and each work is a unique, tactile assemblage of color, shape, and material, as intricate as the women who inspired her.

The show is part of the library's rotating art program, supported by The Friends of the Jamaica Plain Branch of the Boston Public Library in partnership with Uforge, and by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council.

The library is open Monday-Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 12-8, and Friday 9-5, and Saturday 9-2 (closed Sundays). The exhibition space is located on the lower level.