Fireworks Complaints Exploding! Up 5,543% in June 2020 Compared to June 2019

We've all noticed that there has been an increase in renegade fireworks being shot off across the city this month. There have been so many complaints to the city that Mayor Walsh created a task force to tackle the issue of illegal fireworks. "Fireworks are a serious issue not only in the city of Boston, but all across the country. People lose sleep, babies get woken up, some people with PTSD experience real harms, pets are terrified and they're fire hazards," said Mayor Walsh. Fireworks calls to the Boston Police Department were up by 5,543% in June 2020 compared to the previous June, according to a city press release.


City Councilor Mejia Asks: What Solutions Do You Have for Fireworks in Boston?

Does it seem like as soon as we jumped into warmer weather a lot more fireworks are being shot off than previous years? Knowing the great disturbances fireworks can cause to our emotional, social, and physical states, At-Large City Councilor Julia Mejia will be leading an online discussion on Thursday to talk about solutions to address fireworks in Boston. "We want to take a solutions-orientated approach and hear about your ideas in solving this problem," tweeted Mejia. She encouraged people to tweet, comment, direct message her on social media, or email at

Mejia will be hosting a Fireworks Trauma conversation on her Facebook page at: facebook/JuliaforBoston on June 11 at 6 pm. The discussion will be co-hosted by Youth Liaisons Naseoj Ware, Alondra Bobadilla, and Dr. Gayl Crumpy-Swaby.


MSPCA’s July 4th Pet Safety Recommendations

Fireworks, dangerous foods and heat top the list of concerns for Jamaica Plain pet owners. As JP gears up to celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday the MSPCA-Angell is imploring pet owners to heed basic safety precautions to keep pets safe and healthy during the long weekend. Fireworks: Not Fun for Fido
Dr. Terri Bright of the MSPCA’s Behavior Services Department cautions that fireworks can be especially terrifying for some dogs. “We must keep in mind that the sense of hearing in dogs is far superior to ours—so they hear and feel these sounds with much greater intensity,” she said. Dr. Bright’s top tips for helping dogs weather the fireworks storm include:
• Keep dogs in a small interior room of the house with a noise machine and shades drawn so as to block out both explosive sounds and the bright lights of fireworks
• Offer an engaging and tasty treat such as a peanut butter- or meat-filled Kong to keep dogs occupied and comforted
• Play their favorite games, and have special toys for them to engage with
• Keep outside time to a minimum while fireworks displays are going on—even if that means moving up the post-dinner walk to earlier in the afternoon and ensuring bathroom breaks happen before the displays
• Never leave dogs outside unaccompanied as a general rule—and certainly not during fireworks displays, which can elicit unpredictable behavior (such as fleeing) that dogs may otherwise not exhibit
• As a last resort you may want to see your veterinarian to determine if a mild tranquilizer may help your dog get through the displays

“As with all things a little common sense goes a long way and by following these tips dog owners are much more likely to see their pets comfortably through the most intense displays,” said Dr. Bright. Top Summer Holiday Health Concerns
The MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center is keen to help pet owners avoid a trip to the animal ER ahead of the July 4th Holiday weekend.