Boldly Going Past Old Boundaries, Someone Put a Space Saver in a City Lot

JP’s Hillary Corbett saw something she’d never seen before (and I’ve never seen before) — a space saver in a city-owned lot spot.

The deck chair was laying claim to a spot in the city’s 490-498 Centre St. lot across the street from the Curley School. It’s one of the lots the city (theoretically) makes available during snow emergencies.

For all your JP snow news in one place, check Jamaica Plain Storm Center.

  • kinopio

    Further proof that people who use space savers are entitled brats. It is scary that these people are operating 2 ton killing machines. I bet this person shovels snow onto sidewalks and yells at cyclists to get off the road.

    • Peppy

      most cars weigh nothing close to two tons.

  • plasticbike

    interesting debate: how does this at all differ from a street spot? I’m currently parked in that lot- and the spot i am in took me two hours to shovel out- because it was formerly the space that the plows were using for snow…

    • Hugo_JP

      While they are both public parking spots, once the snow emergency and parking ban has been lifted, the parking lot is meant to provide parking in our commercial areas during business hours. The residential streets for the most part don’t have parking restrictions.

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