Jamaica Plain Boathouse and Arnold Arboretum Two of the Best Spots to Pop the Question in Boston

The Jamaica Plain Boathouse and the Arnold Arboretum were selected as two of the top 10 places to propose to a loved one in Boston by the WeekendPick website. We couldn’t agree more!

The boathouse can be very romantic, whether it’s at sunset or during a beautiful day. Heck, even a rainy day can be very romantic at Jamaica Pond. Of course, you’ll want to make sure there aren’t any musical performances happening at the boathouse during your planned proposal time — unless that works well with your proposal.

The Arnold Arboretum has oodles of romantic spots to pop the question. There is the rose garden, atop Peters Hill, atop Bussey Hill or just a random spot that means something to the two of you.

But don’t stop at those two locations for possible places to pop the question – here are two more:

JP Licks. Seriously. Ice cream is romantic. Very sweet romance. Have a little rocky road, maybe a sundae — and then get down on one knee.

The Loring-Greenough House. Maybe you’ve enjoyed numerous Thursday nights on the grounds during the warmer weather, listening to music, dining on food truck fare — why not pop the question there? Possibly not when everyone is around. The Loring-Greenough House also hosts its fair share of weddings — so you know there’s romance in the air!

So what places did we miss? Where did you get engaged in Jamaica Plain? Leave comments below.

A couple sitting atop Peters Hill in the Arnold Arboretum.

Jamaica Plain News

A couple sitting atop Peters Hill in the Arnold Arboretum.

  • paul

    Too bad the boathouse increased boat prices by 50%. Their excuse is they’re “leasing new boats” and “haven’t increased the price in x years.” That’s poor non-profit management. They’re the same, creaky, rickety old boats, and failure to address a price increase does not warrant slamming long-time patrons with the cost. Shame.

    • FartFace

      Prices went up by like $5. Big deal.

      • pgouevia

        Per hour, and that was half the original price. Not warranted, not worth it.

        • FartFace

          …yet still about half the price of most other places around Boston.

          • pgouevia

            You can rent a kayak for a full day on the Charles for the cost of one hour on JP

          • FartFace

            Not sure where you’re going, but the most popular place has single kayaks for $15/hour or $60/day. A double canoe (most comparable to what the boathouse rents) is $25/hour or $100/day. http://www.paddleboston.com/boston/rates.php

          • Paul

            Join BU’s sailing pavilion and you can get a kayak for $20/day