‘The Gate’ — 5-Story Building Would Take James’s Gate Spot

Proposal for five-story mixed-used building, "The Gate" on site of former James's Gate Pub

Stefanov Architects

Proposal for five-story mixed-used building, “The Gate” on site of former James’s Gate Pub

The neighborhood will get a closer look Wednesday at the five-story mixed-use development that would rise where a much-loved pub once stood.

James’s Gate Pub, fireplace and dual bars included, closed abruptly in September 2015.

The developer is scheduled to give a presentation on the plan on Wednesday at the Zoning Committee of the JP Neighborhood Council. If you’d like to go, the meeting is 7 p.m. at Farnsworth House, 90 South St.

The parcel is at the corner of South and McBride. It would have commercial space — possibly a restaurant — on the first floor. Upper floors would be devoted to 11 residential units.

The patio at James's Gate

Chris Helms

File photo: The patio at James’s Gate

Wednesday’s presentation will be strictly informational – no vote is on the docket for that property. However, a development slated for a parking lot across McBride from the the former pub is up for a vote.

The developer, JP’s Stephen Ballas, floated a six-unit residential building for the parking lot at 14-16 McBride St. Originally he had sought to have the 14-16 McBride and 5 McBride projects considered separately — effectively skirting the city’s affordable housing requirements. But according to The Gazette, Ballas has agreed to have them considered together. On Wednesday, it is expected that two two-family townhouses will be proposed instead of a single building with six units.

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  • Jason Gerrol

    For anyone interested, there is a group devoted to establishing a community-owned bar at this site, as it currently stands, called the James’s Gate Cooperative. We are in the early stages of development, but as a community-owned establishment, the cooperative will strive to uphold the values of democracy, equality, solidarity, and a sense of pride and place in one’s community. There will be public information sessions scheduled soon.

    • Andrew Breton

      Jason, I am very interested that cooperative. How can I find out more? tell me tell me!

      • Jason Gerrol

        Andrew, if you don’t mind sending me an email at jgcooperative@gmail.com, I’ll let you know about future information sessions. Thanks!

    • BlackBranchMC

      Lol…you do realize there is ZERO chance of that happening? Boggles my mind the amount of time people waste on these things.

      • Jason Gerrol

        I’m sorry you feel that way, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. While the ultimate goal may or may not become a reality, only good things can happen when people are motivated by something bigger than themselves.

        • Jeff

          So have you been talking with the new owner? Because this quote in particular from the Gazette article caught my eye:

          “We are trying to enlist a competent restaurant tenant, but haven’t found someone financially suitable,” said John Moran, attorney representing the developer.

          • Jason Gerrol

            Hi Jeff – Yes, and I assume others are as well. The search mentioned in the Gazette article occurred some time ago. I’ll be dropping from this discussion, but I appreciate your interest.

        • BlackBranchMC

          It’s not an opinion. The fact is, a developer plans to make money on the spot. Will this “James’s Gate Cooperative” be able to raise the $2 million plus to take it over? No! Why don’t you put effort into something that actually has the possibility of doing the community good than an idea that has no basis in reality?

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