Last Call Coming Soon: The Drinking Fountain is Closing

One of Jamaica Plain’s better-known watering holes, The Drinking Fountain, will be closing its doors, although the last call date is unknown.

The Drinking Fountain at 3520 Washington Street.

An employee of the dive bar located at 3250 Washington St. told Jamaica Plain News that the establishment will be closing, but did not know when, nor was she aware of whether there would be a final celebration for the bar.

When asked about what would happen to the wooden bear statues outside of the restaurant, the employee said it’s likely the current owner would be taking possession of them.

The wooden bear statues outside of the Drinking Fountain are held down by metal chains so people won’t steal them.

Boston Restaurant Talk originally posted about the closing (with a hat tip to Patrick Maguire of Maguire Promotions & Hospitality Consulting). The Drinking Fountain has been around since at least the 1940s, and the current owners have run the place since 1977, according to a Boston Eater article.

  • jenuphoto

    Does this mean the building is being sold and developed?

  • Peppy

    Que all of the crybabies lamenting the loss of yet another JP institution (which they never once patronized).

  • Marty

    Ah, there goes the neighborhood.

  • Marc Almanzan

    The benches are a fairly recent (last ~4 years I believe) installation – the first day they were there I came around the corner onto Rossmore walking my dog, and he actually jumped as if he was about to be set upon by two bears, it was awesome.