Third Cliff Bakery to Open First Store on Washington Street in New Building

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A local bakery has signed a lease for an under construction Washington Street mixed-use building to open its first brick and mortar business.

Third Cliff Bakery's owner Meg Crowley announced the news via a Facebook post saying they will be opening in the Vita condos building at 3525 Washington St. this fall.

Crowley also announced she is looking to raise $75,000 via Mainvest, and $21,000 had been raised as of April 3.

Third Cliff Bakery is a local independent business that has operated as a mobile cafe as the Third Cliff Trike for three years, having participated at the Egleston Square Farmers Market, CommonWealth Kitchen and more. Third Cliff creates gourmet shortbread and other sweet treats, according to its Facebook page.

Counter service is planned for seven days a week from 7 am to 6 pm.

Interestingly, Third Cliff's Mainvest page lists its local competition, alleging negative aspects of four popular businesses.

Brassica Cafe is several blocks away from the VITA, across a major road with a dangerous intersection.

Fiore’s Cafe is comparably far from the VITA, has a more traditional bakery menu than Third Cliff’s, and inadequate seating.

Blue Frog is a traditional patisserie with no seating.

Exodus Bagels is hyper-focused on bagels. Their coffee program is auxiliary and they have shorter opening hours than Third Cliff with a quarter as much seating.

All of these businesses have significantly less parking available than Third Cliff.