The Deets on All Those MBTA Trolley Poles Being Removed

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During the last several weeks construction crews have been working from Forest Hills to Heath Street to remove more than 100 obsolete metal poles previously used by MBTA trolleys that used to go along that path.

Clones and gravel have replaced old MBTA trolley poles along Centre Street.

So we wanted to know some details about why the MBTA decided to remove the poles now. Answers were provided by an MBTA spokesperson.

Q: Why did the MBTA decide to remove them?

A: The poles were aging and obsolete.  In the interest of public safety, the MBTA decided that removing them would be prudent, before they became a safety issue.


Q: How many poles are being removed?

A: Approximately 140.


Q: What is the distance of where they're being removed from? From Forest Hills to where?

A: The general limit of work is from Forest Hills to Heath Street along South Street, Centre Street, and Huntington Avenue


Q: Are they lead poles -- if so, where are they being dumped?

A: No, they are not lead.


Q: How much is it costing to remove them?

A: Approximately $550,000. For each pole, work crews are tasked with cutting the poles below grade and then restoring the concrete sidewalk (approximately 2’x2’ area).