MBTA Mobility Center Can Help Explore Accessible Transit Options

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The MBTA Mobility Center teaches people how to safely use the T by offering group orientation to the MBTA and individual travel training.

The MBTA Mobility Center will also provide assistance with trip planning, technology training (how to use the T website and relevant apps) and assist those who are eligible in applying for reduced fare CharlieCards. The MBTA Mobility Center is funded by MassDOT, so there isn't a charge for services.

Please visit www.mbta.com/accessibility/mbta-mobility-center for more info.

The MBTA Mobility Center has MBTA Access in Motion booklets in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyol, Cape Verdean Creole, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Braille. Brochures are available in the above languages (except Cape Verdean Creole and Braille) and in French, Italian, and Khmer.

The MBTA Mobility Center serves the MBTA bus and subway service area and zones 1a, 1, 2, and 3 of the Commuter Rail. For more information, please find the center on Facebook at MBTA Mobility Center, or call 617-337-2727 (711 for Relay), or e-mail www.howtotravel@mbta.com.