Il Panino Express, an outpost of the Jackson Square and North End pizza and sub shop, plans to open at 172 South St.

Pizza, Prosciutto Sub Powerhouse to Open Satellite South Street Location

Il Panino Cafe & Grill, which expanded from the North End to Jamaica Plain years ago, plans to open a take-out only branch at 172 South St. The restaurant is known for its thin-crust pizza, calzones and subs. Its namesake sub is a Caprese plus prosciutto. Jamaica Plain News has reached out to Il Panino, which anchors the corner of 268 Centre St. in Jackson Square, about timing for the expansion.

File photo: Adam Rutstein, owner of Centre Street Sanctuary, stands beside his new outdoor patio space.

Gallery: Restaurant Patios of Jamaica Plain

Patio season is in full swing. You might think you know every outdoor restaurant space in the neighborhood, but click through — you may find some you didn't know about. My bet for best patio some of you might've missed is the nicely designed space behind Simpli Bar & Bites in Forest Hills. Of course it's hard to make a gallery like this comprehensive. Please add any omissions in the comment section or email me at and I'll add a photo.

Lakis Vlahoulis of il Panino Cafe and Grill, right, gestures to Victoria Amador of Tremendous Maid, Rosana Rivera of Latino Beauty Salon and Mayor Marty Walsh.

Mayor Touts Small Biz Programs at il Panino in Jackson Square

Domino's Pizza can sell two pies for $10. A neighborhood shop like Il Panino Cafe & Grill can't match that economy of scale. "Small business is always under attack," said Lakis Vlahoulis, owner of the 268 Centre St. restaurant known for its calzones and thin-crust pizza. "We can't compete."