Casey Overpass Contract Could Be Official on Wednesday

File photo: The crumbling Casey Overpass in Forest Hills.

Chris Helms

File photo: The crumbling Casey Overpass in Forest Hills.

The long-delayed choice of a company to raze the Casey Overpass and replace it with a network of at-grade streets is poised to happen Wednesday.

That’s when the board of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation meets. Here’s the agenda item they’ll be voting on:

Authorization to award the contract entitled “Boston – Roadway Reconstruction and Related Work (Including Casey Overpass Removal and MBTA Station Alterations) along a Section of Route 203 (Arborway) at Washington Street” with ________ in the amount of $_________ with a completion date of 740 days from the date of the Notice to Proceed.

The meeting is at 1 p.m. Wednesday in the MassDOT Boardroom at 10 Park Plaza.

The low bidder is Barletta Heavy Division Inc. Here is a list of the bids:

  • Barletta Heavy Division, Inc. $59,925,000.00
  • Casey Arborway Partners $63,602,218.00
  • The Middlesex Corporation $68,157,494.63
  • J.F. White Contracting Co. $76,196,485.27

The enormous project — which remains controversial for some residents who want to see a new bridge put in place of the crumbling overpass — was scheduled to be done by September 2016. It isn’t clear if the delays will jeopardize that timeline. The project first went out to bid back in April.

Opponents of the project plan to have a full-page ad in Friday’s edition of the Jamaica Plain Gazette, according to an email circulating in the neighborhood seeking people to sign their names. The ad urges the next governor to start from scratch on reviewing the project.

Backers of the project say getting rid of the bridge will knit Forest Hills back into the rest of the neighborhood, among other benefits.

  • Clay Harper

    After more than three years of professional planning vetted by the full and open participation of hundreds of local citizens and dozens of organizations advocating for parks, pedestrians, cyclists and more it would be the height of irresponsibility to find ourselves in a position where the crumbling overpass must be closed for safety with NO plan in place. Let’s get on with the project at last.

    • Charlie

      Absolutely agree. There has to be a point where folks accept the collaborative decisions that were made and move on. There was plenty of opportunity for input. MassDOT worked very hard to address the concerns and thoughts of everyone who participated, and I have no doubt that the end result will be something we all can be proud of.

  • Clay Harper

    Update from the MassDOT board meeting: after considerable public comment and discussion the board voted unanimously to award the contract to Bartella Heavy Division, Inc. The contract includes per-day incentives to close the overpass for safety reasons within 90 days of the issuance of a Notice to Proceed and to complete it within 670 days that amount to 5% of the total costs if met. MassDOT’s project manager said they hoped to do substantial demolition over the winter while most resident’s windows are closed. DOT stated that there would be three public involvement staff members assigned to the project. They also said the project would add 400+ trees to the area.

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