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Fracked Gas Protesters Lock Themselves in West Roxbury Pipeline Trench

Photo of Bobby Wengronowitz (front), Shea Riester (middle), Martin Hamilton (back) in trench

Six people locked themselves together at 9:50 a.m. Saturday to block two construction sites of Spectra Energy’s West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline (WRL), which would bring fracked gas into Boston. Bound at the waist and ankles using chains and superglue, they aim to stop the project from endangering the community and disrupting the climate. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Join a ‘Human Chain’ to stop the West Roxbury Natural Gas Pipeline

Spectra Energy has broken ground on the construction of a natural gas pipeline that passes through Dedham and West Roxbury. Residents of Dedham and Boston are joining forces on Sunday July 26th to keep Spectra Energy from starting construction in Boston. 100+ people will be linking arms along the Dedham/Boston city line in order to symbolically block the pipeline. This event will be preceded by a worship service and a rally. Come join your fellow residents, concerned for our safety and future. Continue Reading →

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