Salmagundi Closed Due to Flooding, Launches Online Fundraiser

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Salmagundi, Jamaica Plain's beloved hattery and more store, will be closed for several weeks due to flooding that rained down through the roof, ruining merchandise.

Salmagundi hats (Screenshot from YouTube)

The store was flooded on February 2, and has since launched its own GoFundMe fundraiser to help them reopen.

"We opened the door to find a flooded floor and water raining through the ceiling like a sieve. We quickly scattered bins and buckets to contain the gallons of water pouring in. We ran downstairs to find racks of merchandise soaked; the water had made its way through the floor of our shop to our finished stockroom. By the time the water reached our stockroom it was the color of rust from everything it has passed through to get to the lowest point of the building. This gross transformation was damaging merchandise quicker than we could react. We jumped into action to preserve the hats that weren’t damaged, separating them from the damaged hats that we lost. Luckily, our online packaging area and workshop were untouched. The cleanup continues and we are still working through it with more to be done," said the GoFundMe page.

Owner Andria Rapagnola said that since COVID the Jamaica Plain store has been supporting its other locations in the North End, as it has had far less traffic. They expect the JP store to be closed for at least four weeks.

Rapagnola also addressed having a fundraiser when insurance money is on its way.

"Business interruption insurance does provide relief for some of the time that we have been closed but we don’t expect to see those funds anytime soon (we’ve been through this sort of situation before)," said Rapagnola. "Spending this month undoing the shop and stockroom, sorting damaged and undamaged merchandise, preparing for insurance, repairing the ceiling and floor, sourcing/ordering replacements for damaged stock, and putting the shop and stockroom back together again is all lost time and effort that cannot be made up for by insurance."

Along with donating through the GoFundMe page, Rapagnola explained how people can help.

"Many of you have asked what you can do to help, and we are so grateful for your generosity and thoughtful nature. With that said, if you are local, please visit our North End Shop, or purchase Gift Certificates for Future in Store Shopping at either of our shops. Although we have lost a good lot of our merchandise we still have an abundance of amazing hats and accessories for you and yours and we are grateful for the opportunity to hat you. If you have a hat or accessory you are eyeing for yourself, your family, or friends there is no better time than now!"

A video of the flooding was also shared on GoFundMe.