JP’s Castrodale Discusses Forthcoming Suspense Novel

Jamaica Plain author Beth Castrodale's new suspenseful road trip novel, I Mean You No Harm, is coming out in August. 

I Mean You No Harm tells the story of a struggling artist, Layla Shawn, who has spent most of her 32 years estranged from her career-criminal father, Vic Doloro, and haunted by the mysterious death of her mother. Her father dies, leaving Layla a tempting inheritance of ill-gotten money. Urging her to take the money is Vic’s other daughter, Bette, with whom Layla shares a troubled past. On a cross-country road trip, the two women mend fences, but Layla finds herself caught in the middle of an unsettled and lethal score between her father and a man who knows more than he should about her mother’s death. Asked what inspired the novel, Castrodale said she was inspired to write the the book due to an article she read several years ago in The Guardian.


Wenham Street Cinema Featuring Live Concert Series This Summer

There is a cinema in Jamaica Plain. The Wenham Street Cinema. But drive up and down Wenham Street and you won't find a giant multiplex with humongous screens. The Wenham Street Cinema is inside Matt Shuman's garage, and if you haven't heard about it yet, it's quite popular. The cinema's showings include TV shows, movies, political debates, and this summer a live concert series.


Want To Be On The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council?

Are you interested in being more involved in Jamaica Plain -- then being on the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council could be the thing for you. The following is from the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council:
(JPNC) is a volunteer organization that brings together Jamaica Plain’s diverse community to make decisions and recommendations regarding development, service delivery, and other public issues in our shared neighborhood, strengthening the entire community’s opportunity to participate directly and fully in governing neighborhood affairs. Since its founding in 1985, the JPNC has worked to increase and improve communication between the entire Jamaica Plain community, Boston, and other public agencies and parties. Although the mayor initially appointed its members, the JPNC quickly switched to an Elected-model and elections have been held every two years. Due to COVID, we postponed the elections last year, but recently voted to hold the next elections on August 21, 2021.  Nomination packets are available on our website and at the three Jamaica Plain Branch Libraries (Jamaica Plain, Connolly, Egleston Square).


Two Jamaica Plain Playwrights’ Plays Debuting at 1st Annual Boston New Works Festival

The 1st Annual Boston New Works Festival will take place in June, and two Jamaica Plain playwrights' works are among the small list of plays that will be part of the festival. Jamaica Plain playwrights, Gabby Simone Preston and Michael Wartofsky, are two of the playwrights chosen to be part of the festival. Preston will showcase the play, Silt. Wartofsky, along with his co-writer Kathleen Cahill ,will showcase the play, Late: A New Musical. Moonbox Productions selected nine original plays by local playwrights for the festival taking place June 24-26, 2022 at the Boston Center for the Arts. For the next year, selected submissions will be part of an extensive workshop process that will culminate in staged productions, said a press release.